Coachella, Was it Worth It?

So, Coachella 2009, is officially over, and I have been hearing many conflicting reports about how good the 10th anniversary music festival performed. Many said they had a blast with headliners Paul McCartney and Leonard Cohen taking the lead. My Bloody Valentine, Thievery Corporation, Amanda Palmer, Lykke Li, and the Plump DJs also turned in great performances.

However, despite all this positive word of mouth, I've also heard that Coachella 2009 wasn't up to par with the years' previous. Some even calling it the worst Coachella they've been to. I'm just curious as to what all you Coachella 2009 attendees thought? Any words?

(I did notice the $120 ticket price at the box office. Oh, how I remember when it was $80 the first time I went there. And yes, now the countdown officially begins to Coachella 2010...)

Update: Ka-ching! According to LA Times Blogs, founder Paul Tollett claims attendance for the weekend was around 160,000, making Coachella 2009 the second biggest in its 10 year history (Coachella 2007 raked in 186,000 festival goers with headliners Bjork, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine). So despite all the early naysayers about the line up, Coachella proved to be a success.

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Unknown said...

Many people went, but of course consider that many more people know about Coachella than before. While McCartney and others were great, I do think this was the worst lineup in recent years. And there were plenty of people who thought the previous year was pretty bad (myself included).

Those numbers don't tell the whole story. They cheated by bringing in Paul McCartney. Did anyone that went look around during his set!?! There were soo many 40+ people like I've never seen before at Coachella. Of course they can afford the ticket.

Let's hope that they don't keep this trend up. Recession or not, there are plenty of music goers in the socal area willing to shell out the bucks if Coachella has an awesome lineup as in previous years.