Top 10 Most Overplayed Bands on the Radio

Being an overplayed band on the radio can be a good or bad thing depending on who you are: if you are the listener, then it will certainly pinch your nerves, but if you're the band, on the other hand, it means you are probably making a lot of money. I rarely listen to the radio any more since the radio stations play the same bands and the same songs around the clock. I do like some of the bands listed, but seriously, they have been driven to death (or their songs have been). Here is a list of the 10 most overplayed bands on the radio:

10) Sublime
They were great back in the day, and it would be nice to hear them every once in a while. However, radio stations play the same 3 songs from the same album over and over again.

9) Coldplay
How many times are they gonna keep playing Viva La Vida? And I still hear Yellow quite a bit, also. I like Coldplay, but the radio could have more variation with their songs, since they do have a huge library to choose from.

8) Linkin Park
That damn Transformers song is still in heavy rotation and it's two years old. Don't tell me Linkin Park will also be on the Transformers 2 soundtrack (with the same song), just so radio can lengthen the life of that song even further.

7) Incubus
The radio does play a lot of their earlier works (which I am more accustomed to), as well as their newer releases (which can get old really fast).

6) Weezer
Another band in which I liked their earlier sounds better. However, Weezer's new songs get so much heavy rotation, that I have to immediately change the station.

5) The Offspring
Where have these guys been? I'm not familiar with their new releases, and I am always surprised to hear a new Offspring song on the radio. However, I soon come to realize that they play these new songs a lot more than I prefer.

4) Foo Fighters
I like the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl is awesome. Unfortunately, the radio plays their songs over and over again, and then one more time, just to be sure. However, I do find myself singing along.

3) Green Day
Hrm... I think Green Day is overplayed almost anywhere.

2) Red Hot Chili Peppers
Yes, the Chili Peppers. Maybe it's just California, but I hear this band being played after every other song on the radio. "It's Californiacation."

Drum roll please...

1) Nirvana
I'm sorry to put Dave Grohl twice on this list, but Nirvana is still overplayed. They were a great and influential band... in the 90s. But come on, I hear Nirvana every 5 minutes on the radio, as if they are still the number one band today.

There you go, the top 10 most overplayed bands on the radio... Who are yours?

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Anonymous said...

Nirvana? RHCP? Offspring? Dear lord, Foo Fighters? These bands are "overplayed" because they are the best bands of the past 20 years, and (at least in Chicago) our one decent station (101.1) keeps a rotation of a fairly large number of songs in comparison to some other stations, and from listening to the station casually (2 or so hours a day) I would never hear a song more than once a week.

Dan W Manhattan Ph.D said...

I'd say Led Zeppelin should be number 1. I don't listen to the radio pretty much ever, but when i do Led Zeppelin is most likely on. Also Pink Floyd. I don't know about Incubus though.

Anonymous said...

This is why I hate these big radio stations... They play nothing but the same song over and over again.
Every time RHCP ends.. It's played again.

I plan to create my internet radio station and get it on FM since I have over 10,000 songs, and I actually will play the whole library.

Cooke said...

Agree with this list whole heartedly. Really tired of RHCP and Foo Fighters on at least once within every 30 minute block.

Anonymous said...

What about Nickelback?! All of their new stuff sounds the same and is very overplayed

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me there is only one channel i know of that plays Green Day and even that channel only plays them "once in a blue moon" so how can they be number 3...and then ive never ever heard red hot chili peppers on the radio yet.... So this is completely wrong.... Coldplay should be number one then nirvana then what ever else

Anonymous said...

What radio station are you listening to?!? Id much rather listen to these than what's on Britains main stations