Will.i.am Rips off Arty and Mat Zo song Rebound

So, it seems this guy doesn't learn (ripping Boys Noize song Yeah, for his Zuper Blahq misnomer, which was quickly taken down; also most notably for his obvious rip on Adam Freelands Mancry for BEP's Party all the Time), or maybe he really doesn't give two craps because he's famous.  I seriously doubt that it's coincidence.

Why all the hoopla now? Well, in his latest episode, Will.i.am rips off Arty and Mat Zo's song Rebound for his song Let's Go with Chris Brown. Here's what Arty had to say about this matter:
Matt Zo just posted this on his Facebook:
(Im really glad I deleted my twitter account so that I'm not inclined to say what I'm about to say in under 140 characters)

I really and truely appreciate all the support you are giving me and Arty in response to Will I Am's copyright infringement. However, this doesnt excuse the horrific abuse youre sending the way of Will I Am and Chris Brown, and it especially doesnt excuse being racist.

You dont need to defend me or Arty. Producers often wait their whole careers for a commercial act to fuck up and sample their track without asking permission. Arty and I are not bitter about this, more suprised. We knew Will I Am was interested in this track, but we declined working with him at the time.

To conclude, perhaps it is better to invest your energy into supporting 'Rebound' instead of spewing shit at Will I Am and Chris Brown. The reason I left twitter was to aleviate myself from outbreak the verbal diarrhea which I had caught and which im seeing all over the internet today.

Thank you :)
Now, you be the judge, take a listen to both tracks, but you should pretty easily recognize that Will.i.am stole the entire song of Rebound.

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Will.i.am Steals Boys Noize's Yeah

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