Will I Am (aka Zuper Blahq) Ripping off the Boys Noize Song 'Yeah?'

Will I Am vs Boys Noize

Update: It looks like the Director of the Zuper Blahq video Dance, has taken it down (or set it to private) from his Youtube site as well as his Vimeo overnight... It has mysteriously vanished into privacy... oooh!!!

The Story:

Oh Will I Am and the Black Eyed Peas, if this is true, then this will be the third infringement Will I Am, or shall I say [[[Zuper Blahq]]] (his alter ego), has been associated with stealing samples from a lessor known DJ or producer and including it in his own song without an permission. There was the not-so-obvious Deadmau5 rip and then there was the way obvious rip off of Adam Freeland's Mancry a few years ago. Anyways, this time around, the rumor is that the track Yeah was pretty much lyricized over than none other that Super Blahq, without permission from the track's creator, Boys Noize. This may seem pretty damn obvious, so obvious infact that you'd think there is a collaboration between the two.

However, Boys Noize just recently tweeted "used without permission!" without really, definitely quoting what was used without permission. Boys Noize has been pretty much non-vocal about this situation (as one can understand from a legal perspective). Whatever the case may be, his fans are immediately alluding his uproarious tweet to Zuper Blahq's song Dance, which prominently features the Boys Noize anthem Yeah. The video for the song was recently posted on Youtube by the video's director... and features "vs Boys Noize" in the title... So maybe they are trying to settle it or they do, in fact, have a collaboration.

I managed to find the song again (probably will be taken down soon, so take a listen if you dare):

The original song if you haven't heard it by now:

Anyways, what I think happened is that Will I Am heard the Boys Noize track and said "Hey, let me put some rhymes over it." And they did a mash up of the sorts (and it's such a blatant sample that you'd think they must have gotten the rights, but you never know, because the BEP has done this before). All that I do know, is that Will I Am, or Zuper Blahq, just puked all over a great song... and I am sure Boys Noize is none to happy about that, and neither are his fans...

Boys Noize talks about Commerical Pop sampling Electronic music before all this went down:

Boys Noize on the Mainstream from The Electro Wars on Vimeo.

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