Why Will I Am and The Black Eyed Peas Suck

And need to go away...

I'm sorry if you're a fan of The Black Eyed Peas, but even most of you would agree that lately, the famed pop group is becoming more awash in unoriginality... and it is getting thrown down our throats by their label.

Now I am not saying that they've always sucked, just that lately, it's becoming more apparent.
To me, it's not a selling out thing, because a lot of artists make a ton of money and still produce good music. I think anyone in their right mind would opt to make a lot of money over the starving artist lifestyle.

Anyhow, my main concern is that Will I Am and The Black Eyed Peas have become awash in trying to stay on top of the pop charts by half-assing production... I mean the lyrics and vocals in their recent hits are almost non-tolerable, compared to what they use to put out, maybe a decade ago. Even that song I can't stand anymore because radio threw it down our throats way too much, Where Is the Love, had pretty decent lyrics if I remember, but that came out a while ago. Maybe it should be Where is the Originality these days.

I also say that because The Black Eyed Peas' major problem is that they have seemed to run out of original and creative music production as they now blatantly steal music from other smaller artists and make it their own: Umm... let's see there was the obvious sample steal of Adam Freeland's Mancry, for their song Party All The Time... Then, there also was a barely obvious drum rip claim from Deadmau5's camp on The Time... and even more recently, Will I Am's alter ego Zuper Blahq, put out a song called Dance (which has been interestingly vanishing from most sources) that blatantly stole the song Yeah from Boys Noize.

So yeah, that's a pretty big reason. I don't mind the inclusion of Techno and Electronic music into their style because they've helped introduce a bigger audience for the electronic scene; David Guetta working with them on a few songs... I Gotta Feeling is a decent song (again except for the lyrical verses). You can make great music from whatever style you choose. Dance music is just what is getting a lot of play in the pop world today.

However, just because you've played at the Super Bowl (which I didn't see, but heard was awful) doesn't mean you can get or do whatever the hell you want and be a pawn to the record label making crap.

Will I Am and The Black Eyed Peas, to their credibility do (did?) have some talent, however recently, it has been awash in garbage, be it the label or not. So maybe, they need to go away for awhile, then regroup and come up with something creative and more of who they are instead of just trying to jump on the what's-hot-at-the-moment, rip it off, and put their own crappy vocals over it. Seriously.

BEP Ripping off Adam Freeland's Mancry?
BEP's The Time Sampling Deadmau5?
Will I Am (aka Zuper Blahq) Ripping off Boys Noize's song Yeah?

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