Album Review: The Killers - Battle Born

The Killers - Battle Born

Style: Rock in The Killers' Modern Western sort of way
Pros: There's really nothing like this on the radio.
Cons: There is no song that stands out.
Overview: Battle Born is an interesting direction for The Killers, continuing in the more laid back Modern Western American Country Rock tradition ((if that's a description, wiki calls it Heartland Rock).  I find the album good, even though it's not what I really expect from The Killers.   So if you are expecting another Hot Fuss, you'll be disappointed.  Battle Born is the kind of album that takes a few listens to get used to, and I cant help but imagine a lot of these songs being used in movie soundtracks, because you know, it does have that feeling.
Top Songs: Miss Atomic Bomb, Runaways, Deadlines & Commitments
3.33 out of 5 vinyls

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