2013 Coachella Rumors?

Coachella 2013 Rumors

Well it's that time of year again, the time where it's never too early to get those Coachella 2013 rumors abound.  So what can we expect for Coachella 2013?

Over three weekends? Over an entire month perhaps?

Probably not, then you'd push Stagecoach till May.

However, it is interesting to note that in 2012 Goldenvoice purchased some of the land surrounding the Empire Polo Fields (about 280 acres worth) so maybe they'll implement that for next year's Coachella.  Goldenvoice has stated that they'll be bringing other music festivals with the purchase of this land, like a Jazz and wine festival. Plus it gives them more voting power, because, let's face it, Coachella hasn't been looked to kindly on the neighboring cities... 2012 Coachella scare.

Anyways, enough of that mumbo jumbo... on to what you really care about, who's gonna play at Coachella 2013?  I'll keep updating this list as more information comes in.

Beatles Reunion (Hologram)
Elvis (Hologram)

But seriously:

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Seems like a good fit for Coachella, some of the Heartbreakers actually attended Coachella.

Daft Punk
They were rumored to play in 2012, but supposedly their production wouldn't have been finished in time. Plus, Goldenvoice loves them. According to Rob Da Bank, they wont be touring in 2013... so may have to nix this rumor.

David Bowie
Paul T stated that he always wanted to get David Bowie to play... also has a new album in 2013.

The Smiths
Another dream act that Coachella's been trying to get.  Reportedly offered $5 million a few years back, but they turned it down so...

Heard he was banned from Coachella... can't confirm this.  However, his return would be a big deal to Coachella-ers. His tour dates are open for most of April.

I guess it's time for him to return... dates are open. Lots of new material to come from him in 2013.

It's been a while since they've played at Coachella

Foster the People
Southern California band, played Coachella right before they became huge. New album due in 2013.

Queens of the Stoneage
New album coming out soon. They're from Palm Desert which is quite close to Coachella.  April is open.

Basement Jaxx
Been a while since I heard that name, but new album is in the works.

New album on the way.

He hasn't made a special guest appearance in a while.

If any organizer can reunite a band, it's probably Goldenvoice.

No Doubt
Umm... This wouldn't be out of expectations.

Passion Pit
New Album just released, seems fitting.

Paul Kalkbrenner
Said in an interview he's playing Coachella 2013. (src: Pure Volume)

Kill the Noise
More than hints in an interview with Billboard.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Recent events unfolding by a possible SongKick accidental information release.

Also some late brewing rumors from SongKick

The Rolling Stones
Almost let them go this year, because well, they don't really need Coachella at all... though the SongKick rumor may have some weight.  There's also that fib that was put up on their mobile app concerning a gig in Coachella on April 12 (which was immediately taken down, but not before people grabbed this screenshot).   Rolling Stones playing, not playing?

Frank Ocean
He was one of the hottest rising talent from 2012...and no one knew who he was last Coachella. So, why not ask him back?

Walk The Moon
Busy schedule for 2013, but open so far in April

Atlas Genius
April open, but they come through So-Cal in late March.

Kendrick Lamar
April open... from Los Angeles

April open.

Eric Prydz
Don't think he's ever played Coachella... time for it... especially if he can bring some of his light show.

Coachella seems to always get the rising new young DJs.

They need a Drum and Bass DJ somewhere... and so far, Coachella dates are open.

April is open.

The Stone Roses
They are touring and April is wide open.

The Knife
New album coming out... Dates are open for Coachella weekends.

The Lumineers
Currently touring, with a break in April.

The Postal Service
They are back together, what better way than to celebrate than a gig at Coachella? confirmed...

The XX
Announced tour dates and a huge chunk of April is open.

Confirmed Acts (from the Coachella Board and COS)...
Paul Kalkbrenner
Kill The Noise
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Alex Clare
Father John Misty
Allen Stone
Bat For Lashes
Major Lazer
Infected Mushroom
Bingo Players
Dirty Bird Players Tour
The Underachievers
Vintage Trouble
The Postal Service

Who do you think will play Coachella 2013?
Or who do you want to play?

When do they announce the Coachella Line Up?



Stone Roses, because they've done the UK festival circuit this year

The Smiths, because Morrissey is retiring next year and everyone has always wanted this to happen

Anonymous said...

MGMT sucks live.

Anonymous said...

Biiiiffffy Clyyyyyro Please .....

lelin said...

its my first time to go to coachella and i don’t know what to wear?
should i wear skirt and tees? short and a t-shirt?
dress? pants?