The Rolling Stones to Play Coachella 2013?

So this has been the crazy rumor that's been going around even before Coachella posted an Instagram pic of The Empire Polo Fields with a polo ball that many speculated to be a stone in the shot.

So where did hoopla this come from?

Back in December of 2012, The Rolling Stones' iPhone app accidentally listed an appearance at the 2013 Coachella... but it was quickly taken down.  So the rumors began to swirl... According to the aptly titled Rolling Stone magazine "Jagger swears he doesn't know how it got there, that he had not been approached about playing at the festival." I'm guessing they were quickly approached afterwards. And now, since people want to believe, a polo ball is actually a stone... as in a Rolling Stone.

So, is The Rolling Stones playing Coachella 2013?

How the hell would I know?
The only people that have that information are the top people at Goldenvoice and The Rolling Stones themselves... and I'm pretty sure they're keeping a tight lip on it until the line-up is released, which is very, very soon. And just maybe, Goldenvoice knows exactly what they are doing, and get their kicks from teasing the public.

Update: According to LA Weekly an industry insider states that "negotiations were broken over a money dispute." Which, could still be misdirection or fake... so anyways, we'll know soon when to line finally comes out and puts all this to rest.

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