Coachella 2012 May Not Happen?

Coachella 2012 May Get Cancelled?

No, I would go as far to say that because there is a long way to go yet. However, LAWeekly is reporting that Goldenvoice, the team behind Coachella, has not yet gotten the city of Indio to sign a contract. Infact, it has been postponed.


Because the neighboring city of La Quinta is pressuring for an environmental review of Coachella. And why are they complaining? Because La Quinta is an affluent neighborhood and don't care for those Coachella kids trashing their place.
La Quinta wants Indio and Goldenvoice to conduct an assessment under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to evaluate the environmental impact of traffic, noise and pollution generated by the festival, owing to the fact that its length will be doubled this year, to two weekends in April.
And if this does happen, Coachella 2012's start date of April 13 could be push back. So you might be saying pushed back doesn't mean cancelled. However, when you book a band for a certain date because they are touring through the Southland at a certain time, then switch dates or push it back, it would make it financially undesirable for the band. Costing them more to come back to Coachella. The band may just not play Coachella if that were the case.

Let's hope Indio does the right thing and Coachella lives on.

Anyways, to read more about the article on LAWeekly click here.

Update: according to La Quinta City Council, they voted 5-0 to support the concert agreement... So Coachella is happening in 2012.

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