Album Review: Kaskade - Fire & Ice

Kaskade - Fire & Ice

Style: House, Melodic
Pros: Better than I expected it to be.
Cons: Not much.
Overview: I thought his last album Dynasty was an "okay" listen. So I expected much of the same. In many ways, Fire & Ice is the same, as Kaskade sticks to the a familiar sound we all know from him, but I think Fire & Ice just works better. And of course, with a name like Fire & Ice you have to have some sort of duplicity, in this case... two albums: one uptempo and the other a bit more mellow. I actually like both of them because both are well produced. If you're a Kaskade fan and don't have this album yet, then you're not really a Kaskade fan... so go get it.
Top Songs: They're all pretty good.
3.5 out of 5

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