Album Review: Justice - Audio, Video, Disco.

Justice - Audio, Video, Disco.

Style: Electro, Disco, French Techno
Pros: The sound we expect from Justice.
Cons: Having to follow their ground-breaking first album, Cross.
Overview: Audio, Video, Disco. is a good sophomore effort for the French duo. Since their first album had many ground-breaking epic Electro slammers, one would expect a lot for their next album... and I, like everyone else, did. However, a lot has happened in music since 2007 and it would have been hard to keep that momentum going, even for a band as big as Justice. They would have to release an album with wall to wall anthems to make that happen. With that said, Audio, Video, Disco. is a good album, but if you were expecting something as mind-blowing as Cross, you might be disappointed.
Top Songs: Civilization; New Lands; Audio, Video, Disco.
3.25 out of 5 vinyls

Justice Myspace (I can't find a Website for them)

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