Too Much Dance Music on the Radio?

Over the past few years, Dance music (Electronic Dance music) has purveyed more and more through the airwaves of mainstream success, with the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Enrique Iglesias, and even Usher changing up his sound. A few years ago these songs would have been considered remixes instead of the actual song. However, the current appetite is for Electronic Dance music... So this begs the question: Is their too much Dance music on the radio?

I ask, because what explodes quickly in entertainment, usually reaches it's plateau and begins to implode. Remember the Disco era? I don't, because I wasn't around. However, Disco became really popular in the 70's and as suddenly and as big as it hit, the 80's came around and "bye bye" went Disco. Though, as a side note, Disco has somewhat made a resurgence in, and influenced some of today's biggest dance genres.

Enough about Disco...

Electronic dance (Techno, House) music, has been, for the most part, liked by a certain niche in society. It was always bigger and cooler in Europe, but until recently has become a big player in the US music scene. So why am I complaining that it has finally hit mainstream?

I am actually not.

I see it as a good thing that Dance music has hit mainstream success... Current pop artists also see it that way and fortunately (or unfortunately) want to inhibit that sound into their style. I don't have a problem with Lady Gaga and Britney Spears because they have a specific audience, and the music they make, fits with what they are trying to do.

The problem is that every other Pop or even Hip Hop act, see Electronic Dance music as cool and trendy. They want to jump on it before discovering what Dance music is all about. Thus, leading to half-assed productions with just a House beat dropped behind some horrid vocals... diminishing how far each song can be pushed, creatively... even though they have some of the biggest producers on board.

But that's Pop music, for Pop music's sake.

They find the next cool thing, manufacture it, spit it out, and make it for the masses as quickly as possible before the public forgets what artist is hot and what artist isn't.

So in a long winded way, there will always be good Dance tunes... good underground Dance tunes(even though some underground talent are becoming discovered by the mainstream). We will never get tired of it as long the artists keep pushing themselves and not get distracted by mainstream success. Pop is Pop, and will always be Pop, no matter if Dance music is at the forefront of their success. There will still be great Electronic music. This, despite the fact, that some Pop artists will just steal dance songs from smaller artists and call it their own (ahem... BEP).

So to answer my question of there being too much Dance music on the radio... Well, there is a lot of Dance music on the radio, much of it the same garbage. However, there's always room for more... an open slot for better artists to hit the scene and make Dance and Electronic music stick around for even longer. And instead of imploding, maybe it will keep on exploding.

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