Album Review: The Strokes - Angles

The Strokes - Angles

Style: Rock, Indie Rock
Pros: Sounds like The Strokes when they first came on to the scene.
Cons: Short album.
Overview: If you are a Strokes fan from the beginning you will like Angles... as it feels like their older sound. My only comment about this album is that it is only 10 songs long and runs just over 34 minutes. I don't know I guess that is a standard album length... but I am not sure it would be worth full price.. especially for a CD (if people still by them)... (hint, you can listen to it on their website)... Overall I did enjoy the album.
Top Songs: Machu Picchu; Under Cover of Darkness; Games
3.5 out of 5 vinyls

The Strokes Website

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