Is Britney Spears' New Song Hold it Against Me Good for Dance Music?

Upon first listen of Britney Spears track, Hold it Against Me, you'll notice the upfront House and Techno beats and vaporizing Synth. There's also a little Dubstep thrown in... Dubstep what??? I was actually a bit excited, but at the same time wished they pushed it further; it's kind of a nice clean version for the uninitiated, but seriously, could have gotten dirtier. On the flip side, it is a pop song after all.

Yes indeed, Hold it Against Me, is a catchy pop tune with up front techno elements, and I expect it to play well in clubs... well maybe not soo much the clubs you and I go to, but nonetheless. I also expect good remixes to come out of this song, since it does have a pretty heavy Synth that sounds like concoction from Benni Benassi's laboratory.

As for it being good for dance music (even with Techno's over-saturation of the pop market), I'd say, "Bring it on. Move out of the way Black Eyed Peas..." This makes way for more underground Techno producers to come to the forefront, thus pushing for more creative music production (hopefully they do push the creative side of things unlike the last, ahem... BEP song)... and making artists like you and me become more accessible.

What are your thoughts?

I wonder how long this clip will last till youtube takes it down?

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