Movie Review: Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy

Synopsis: Sam Flynn goes into the Tron grid to find his long lost father from the original Tron.
Pros: Visual design, Music.
Cons: Dialogue, story.
Overview: After all this Tron talk I finally got around to seeing this film... and I'm going to have to agree with critics that this is an Audio and Visual masterpiece. Definitely, something people will test their HD TVs with. However, with that said, the dialogue is pretty cornball, and the story is well... yeah. So don't expect much in that direction. If you can make it through a trite story, then you must see this in theaters, because this is definitely a theatrical movie. The 3D is good, but oddly, it really isn't noticeable, or "in-your-face" 3D like other movies. Daft Punk also makes a cameo in the movie too, but in the part of the movie that kinda blows. And Olivia Wilde seems like she's just in the movie so that there could be female character, but who cares, she's good to look at. Anyways, I set my limits low before seeing this movie, and I didn't come out hating this movie like some others did.
3 out of 5 clapboards

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