Michael Grimm Beats Jackie Evancho, Fighting Gravity, and a Prince

Say what?

Yup you heard it right... The winner of America's Got Talent 2010 is Michael Grimm. Wow... Michael beats the superstar of the show (Jackie Evancho), the coolest Las Vegas-ready act (Fighting Gravity) and the biggest display of flourishing character (Prince Poppycock) on last nights America's Got Talent results...

Didn't see that one coming... didn't even post any of his clips this entire season (until now).

He is a good singer, to his respect, and I thought he did perform the best on Finals night. He could also probably win American Idol. But this isn't American Idol...

It's America's Got Talent... a talent show for the best of all kinds of acts. It's a bit jumbling because, if anything, Jackie Evancho was the sensation of this year's show. She was also the reason many people starting tuning in to America's Got Talent (I actually tuned in when I saw Fighting Gravity) Maybe people didn't vote because they thought she would easily win? Could it be?

Well... speaking of Fighting Gravity... they are my favorite and of course they should have won, they are the Las Vegas act; throw a production budget on them, and they're prime gold, ready-to-go. But whadda you gonna do? I'm sure Fighting Gravity will headline in Vegas sooner than you think.

And for Prince Poppycock, that's a giant character. I'm sure Vegas will make room for him.

So what did you think about this season's America's Got Talent Finale?

Fighting Gravity's Good Vs Evil finals performance

Jackie Evancho's finals performance

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