America's Got Talent Top Ten Highlights

America's Got Talent 2010 had it's toughest competition last night as most of the performers were amazing... Now on to the highlights.

Click for either FIGHTING GRAVITY or JACKIE EVANCHO Top Ten performances (yes, they get their own post!).

Here are the best of the rest...

Michael Grasso
Magic at it's finest... This guy definitely deserves to be here, and I would like to see another magic trick by him... Hopefully he goes through the top 4.

Studio One Young Beast Society
It's something that a dance group has made it this far on America's Got Talent. And they did a pretty awesome job, especially combing acrobatics with dance.

Prince Poppycock
Umm... I have no words to describe this...

The Rest
Christina and Ali: They're good, and America loves them, but I don't think they're the best singers.
Jeremy VanSchoonhoven: He's good at what he does, don't know if it's grand enough to make it the final round.
Taylor Matthews: He actually sang pretty well last night, even though it's not the type of music I listen to.
Anna and Patryk: Really good kid dancers, however they might be overshadowed by bigger acts.
Michael Grimm: The best singer out of the bunch. I would've showed his performance, but I think you want to see more of a spectacle than just a singer singing well.

Fighting Gravity's Moon Landing Top Ten Finals Performance
Jackie Evancho's Crowd Silencing Top Ten Finals Performance

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