Album Review: Underworld - Barking

Underworld - Barking
Style: Electronic, House, Drum & Bass
Pros: Great Collaborations
Cons: Not really big on the songs in which they created themselves.
Overview: I liked this album. A new direction. A new style. The first two releases off the album are great way to kick it off. My only caveat is that I didn't really care for a couple of the songs that they created themselves. (Yes, I am still an Underworld fan). Also it's a bit short, running at 9 songs. There is an extra song on the Japanese version, but it's not really anything special; just a nice closing to the album. I think the deluxe version comes with a DVD of all the songs... sounds cool!

Underworld's collaborative efforts is what makes this album one to listen to:
Dubfire (half of Deep Dish), on Bird 1 and Grace,
Mark Knight and D. Ramirez (worked with Karl Hyde on that dance hit, Downpipe) on Always Loved a Film and Between Stars
High Contrast (Drum and Bass icon you should know) on Scribble and Moon in Water
Paul van Dyk (trance legend) on Diamond Jigsaw.

Barking is a good album, and is much dance friendly as compared to their previous efforts. I expect many remixes to come.
Top Songs: Scribble; Always Loved a Film; Diamond Jigsaw; all those I mentioned in the paragraph above.
4 out of 5 (closer to 3.75 out of 5) vinyls

Underworld Live website.

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