The Best of America's Got Talent 2010

So maybe America's Got Talent is my guilty pleasure show of the Summer, but there is some cool and unique talent. It's down to the top 24 on America's Got Talent and tonight it will be whittled down even further. Here are my favorite picks (the best of America's Got Talent 2010) and what they need to do to win the million dollar prize and headlining show in Las Vegas.

This is a tough category because there are a few really good singers that stand out.

Alice Tan Ridley - Also know to many as Gabourey Sidibe's (star of the movie Precious) mom, who coincidentally, herself, is becoming a star.
What She Needs to do to win: Sing a big song (maybe some diva song like Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey) and sing it pitch perfect.

Michael Grimm - I like his voice, he knows his own style and sticks to it.
What He needs to do to win: Just keep doing what he is doing, becoming more the showman everytime.

Jackie Evancho - Of course, she is the one to beat in this years America's Got Talent. She's got the singing ability and the fact that she is a little girl belting out those notes-- perfect voting material.
What She needs to do to win: Not have an off night and hope America doesn't get lazy in voting just because they expect her to win.

Prince Poppycock - This guy is truly his character, and he can hit those notes well.
What he needs to do to win: Tough one, but he's definitely heading in the right direction. My only question is if America ready for this kind of act?

Group Acts

Fighting Gravity - the coolest audition ever on America's Got Talent.
What they need to do to win: Take it up a few notches. I must admit although there second performance was great, I think they need to show us something new. Something more slick and mind-blowing than just giant tennis balls and running in space.

ArcAttack - Cool use of Tesla coils and using it as a midi-controller.
What they need to do to win: It's hard to feel the grandness of their performance (as very noted by the judges) through the TV. Last night's performance looked like they were just getting struck by lightning a billion times. So maybe they need to do something a bit more theatrical, towards a light-art performance kinda thing.


Murray - Making a tiger appear in a glass cage while a woman appears behind Howie Mandel-- very Vegas.
What he needs to do to win: I don't know how much bigger he can go... It's a damn Tiger in a cage.

Michael Grasso - I always liked his slick style and glad they brought him back.
What he needs to do to win: Do something cooler and slicker than making a Tiger appear in a cage.

Other Acts

Jeremy VanSchoonhoven - Pretty cool trick biker.
What he needs to do to win: Since he'll probably be stepping up his tricks, he can't afford to make a single mistake, none. --Pressure is on.

Haspop - I liked his audition, interesting dancing and miming.
What he needs to do to win: I'm wondering if he has new moves and something more extravagant. It's hard to envision watching just one dancer headlining a show.

Anna and Patrick - Really good kid dancers, I think the boy maybe a little better than the girl, but the girl wears the pants in that family. heh.
What they need to do to win: tough call, they fit in more of a dance show competition than something as varied as America's Got Talent.

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