ArcAttack booted from America's Got Talent Finals

That's right people. They weren't my favorite act, but I was sure they would crack the top 10 on this year's America's Got Talent. Ouch! Even the huge acclaim from the judges couldn't persuade the voting public to push ArcAttack to the final round. I guess it was because it looked rather tame and uninteresting on TV, than watching it live in front of your face. I'm surprised that you can hear anything because anyone whose been around Tesla Coils knows how damn loud they are.

Most of the acts that went through to the finals of America's Got Talent were singers... which makes me think this will turn into a giant singing competition. As if there aren't many of those already. So... "you" have to vote for the best act if you want them to win. Yes, you Fighting Gravity fans, get out there and vote because most of the votes are gonna go to a cute little girl that can sing the opera (the voting public eats that kind of thing up).

The Best of America's Got Talent 2010

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