The 5 Best Music Software

The Top 5 Music Software

If you're a music producer or thinking of being one, here are the top 5 music software that you should know. Well, you don't have to know all of them, but it wouldn't hurt. Now you might say that prices aren't that bad, since Photoshop itself is around $700. However, once you add on plug-ins, instruments and audio interfaces, these prices can get pretty steep.

5) Sony's Acid Pro
Acid Pro is a pretty straight forward music creation software. The best feature is it's relatively easy time stretching capabilities (where you just drag and stretch the track that needs to be stretched) as compared to other programs. Sony also holds remix contests all the time on their Acid Planet website, although you don't need to use Acid pro to do those remixes.
Average Price: $299
Acid Pro Website

4) Propellerheads' Reason
Great music software that enables you to create almost anything. It is basically a virtual emulation of a music studio, set with a rack system of synthesizers and samplers. So if you're used to working in a music studio and want all that equipment in one giant software, Reason is the package for you.
Average Price: $399 and up
Reason Website

3) Apple's Logic Studio
Apple's Logic Pro has recently become a big player in the music industry by adding many dynamics to it, thus, directly competing with Pro Tools. Being Garage Band's big, big, brother, Logic isn't a really pick up and go kind of software, but once you know how it works, it can do a lot for you.
Average Price: $499
Logic Pro Website

2) Ableton Live
This is the huge music software for electronic musicians and DJ's. If you haven't taken this for a spin yet, Ableton Live is similar to Sony's Acid Pro, in that you can produce music. However, you can also play live sets from the music you create.
Average Price: $499 and up
Ableton Live Website

1) Digidesign Pro Tools
Well, no surprise here. The most widely used music software in the industry as well as the film industry. It is pretty much the standard. Even though music software like Ableton Live and Reason may be easier to create sounds and loops, Pro Tools is the ultimate destination to mix all those sounds you created.
Average Price: $299 and up (without audio interface)
Pro Tools Website

Other music software you might be interested in:
Cubase, Fruity Loops, Garage Band

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