How was Coachella 2010?

One word comes to mind: Overcrowded!
I keep hearing from people that this year's festival, although having great music, was way more packed than before. Which is not a surprise, since organizers have said they sold 75,000 tickets this year, compared to the previous years' cap of 60,000. So that's like, ummm... 15,000 more people roaming around and getting in your way. And that's also like, "cha-ching!" on the Coachella cash register.

The worst part of it was the parking situation, as well as entering and exiting the festival. I also heard, that for a while on Friday, they ran out of 3-day wrist bands, causing a major delay for concert-goers getting in. Hopefully, if they have it next year (which I'm sure they will), organizers will have a better plan to fix this mess. I personally, liked it back in the day when Coachella wasn't quite as popular, and you could just drive up for the weekend on a whim, buy tickets at the box office, and breeze your way right in. But you know, if you put on these events you actually want to make money.

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