Date Night Clashes Titans

Actually it's the other way around as the weekend tally of this photo finish pushed Clash of the Titans to the number one spot, with $26.6 million. Thus, making Date Night number two, with $25.2 million.

Sunday's post:In what may be one of those too close to call weekends, the Steve Carell and Tina Fey comedy Date Night, is currently estimated to inch by Clash of the Titans for the number one spot. Each making about $27 million. Final figures will be released Monday.

Meanwhile, Dreamworks' How to Train Your Dragon is still holding on strong, thanks primarily to it's positive reviews (currently a 98% on rottentomatoes).

Weekend Estimates:
Date Night: $27.1 million ($27.1 million total)
Clash of the Titans: $26.9 million ($110.5 million total)
How to Train Your Dragon: $25.3 million ($133.9 million total)
Why did I Get Married Too?: $11 million ($48.5 million total)
The Last Song: $10 million ($42.4 million total)

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One new movie hits theaters this weekend.

Date Night
Why it might be a hit: Tina Fey and Steve Carell is like The Office meets 30 Rock, the two funniest shows on TV.
Why it might tank: You could probably just watch The Office or 30 Rock on TV.

My Predictions:
Clash of the Titans: $30 million
Date Night: $26 million
How to Train Your Dragon: $18 million
Why Did I Get Married Too?: $15 million
The Last Song: $9 million

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