Avatar Edges out Mel Gibson

Avatar easily managed to keep Mel Gibson's Edge of Darkness from taking the top spot this weekend. This makes seven consecutive weeks Avatar has remained at the number one spot. It's $30 million weekend puts it much closer to Titanic's domestic total (as Avatar already is the highest grossing movie worldwide).

Weekend Estimates:
Avatar: $30 million ($594.5 million total)
Edge of Darkness: $17.1 million ($17.1 million total)
When In Rome: $12 million ($12 million total)
The Tooth Fairy: $10 million ($26.1 million total)
The Book of Eli: $8.7 million ($74.4 million total)
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Two new movies hit theaters this weekend vying to take out Avatar from the top spot.

Edge of Darkness
Why it might be a hit: Director Martin Campbell is no stranger to blockbuster films, as he reinvented James Bond twice, once with Goldeneye, and another with Casino Royale.
Why it might tank: Mel Gibson's image has tarnished a little a few years ago.

When In Rome
Why it might be a hit: as the poster says, "from the studio that brought you the Proposal."
Why it might tank: Well....

My Predictions:
Avatar: $26 million
Edge of Darkness: $24 million
Legion: $8 million
When in Rome: $7 million
Book of Eli: $7 million

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