Album Review: Vitalic - Flashmob

Vitalic - Flashmob
Style: French Techno without it being overly annoying.
Pros: Good heavy dance floor beats, that resemble a little bit of Soulwax and a dash of Miss Kitten.
Cons: Not much
Overview: I honestly thought that I was kind of over the French Techno scene, but then I heard this album (actually, I first heard Poison Lips and liked it, then preceded to buy the entire album on Amazon, since it was only 5 bucks). Flashmob definitely slices a bit more familiar house beats and better melodies than any of the repetitious one note stutter that accompanied most of the post Justice revival. Good start to the new year, I'd say, even though this came out last September.
TOP SONGS: See the Sea (Red); Poison Lips; One Above One
3.5 out of 5

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