Netflix Review: District 9

District 9
Synopsis: Humans set up a district for malnourished aliens who's spaceship has accidentally broken down over Johannesburg.
Pros: Unique style, refreshing take on a the alien, sci-fi genre.
Cons: Lead actor taps on the borderline of annoying.
Overview: District 9 is an interesting movie that fuses documentary style, with cinematic action. I liked and didn't like this style because when they would cut back to the documentary from the cinematic, it just reminded me that this is a movie. However, this is what makes this movie unique and for a first time filmmaker, director Neill Blomkamp did a great job.
3.5 out of 5

Directed By: Neill Blomkamp
Running Time: 112 minutes
Budget: $30 million
Domestic Gross: $115.6 million
Worldwide Gross: $203.6 million

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