Blind Siding the Box Office

Twilight: New Moon tried to hold on to the top spot, but couldn't hold off the strong word-of-mouth Sandra Bullock drama The Blind Side, as it beat the vampire flick in it's third week.

The only real surprise this week is the Robert De Niro dramedy, Everybody's Fine, tanking... with a 10th place finish with just over $4 million (I was completely off on this prediction).

However, the weakest debut this week comes from Transylmania, which grossed just over $250 thousand in about 1000 theaters... Yes, that makes a $250 average per theater. Ouch... Good thing it doesn't look like it cost that much.

Weekend Estimates:
The Blind Side: $20.4 million ($129.3 million total)
Twilight: New Moon: $15.7 million ($255.6 million total)
Brothers: $9.7 million ($9.7 million total)
A Christmas Carol: $7.5 million ($115 million total)
Old Dogs: $6.9 million ($33.9 million total)
A few new movies come out this first weekend in December... but nothing too worthy of causing a stir.

Why it might be a hit: We haven't seen a heist movie in a while.
Why it might tank: It's no Ocean's Eleven.

Why it might be a hit: It's about time Tobey Maguire and Jake Gyllenhaal were cast as brothers.
Why it might tank: Do people really want to see an annoying movie about brothers falling in love with the same girl and fighting over her? It's like Pearl Harbor, without the Pearl Harbor.

Everybody's Fine
Why it might be a hit: Seems like a fluff family dramedy just in time for the Holidays.
Why it might tank: It's another fluff family dramedy in time for the Holidays.

My Predicitions:
The Blind Side: $24 million
Everybody's Fine: $22 million
Twilight: New Moon: $22 million
2012: $9 million
A Christmas Carol: $8 million

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