New Moon Conquers Thanksgiving Weekend

Not surprisingly, New Moon took the top spot again this Thanksgiving weekend. However, it did make a lot less than expected, with about $43 million (Dropping a hefty 70% from last weekend). Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock's Blind Side, blind sided movie analysts again with about $40 million in its second weekend (Really?.. is this movie any good?). This movie is reported to cost $29 million, so this is definitely a hit.

Ninja Assassin placed 6th place with a decent $13 million and so far has garnered $21 million against it's reported $40 million budget. As for The Fantastic Mr. Fox, it managed to pick up about $7 million as it widened it release.

And lastly, Disney's The Princess and the Frog has the highest per screen average, taking in over $700 thousand on 2 screens... you do the math. I think it goes into wider release in a couple of weeks.

Weekend Estimates:
Twilight: New Moon: $42.5 million ($230.7 million total)
The Blind Side: $40.1 million ($100.3 million total)
2012: $18 million ($138.8 million total)
Old Dogs: $16.9 million ($24.1 million total)
A Christmas Carol: $16 million ($105.4 million total)

Preceded by-
A few new movies hit theaters this weekend, trying to knock off New Moon from the top spot.

Fantastic Mr. Fox
Why it might be a hit: Currently a 92% on rottentomatoes.
Why it might tank: The humor may be too off beat for the average family entertainment.

Ninja Assassin
Why it might be a hit: From the creators of the Matrix Trilogy... as the commercial states.
Why it might tank: It looks like a video game movie... but apparently, isn't based off of a video game.

Old Dogs
Why it might be a hit: From the people that brought us the beautiful gem that is... Wild Hogs.
Why it might tank: It's from the people that made Wild Hogs.

My Predictions:
Twilight: New Moon: $74 million
Old Dogs: $24 million
The Blind Side: $19 million
2012: $14 million
Fantastic Mr. Fox: $14 million

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