Album Review: Discovery - LP

I don't really know what category to put Discovery in, I guess I'll just use wikipedia's: indie rock, electronic, and funk. Discovery is actually a collaboration from that one guy in Vampire Weekend and the other guy from Ra Ra Riot.

Anyways, enough about history. I found the conveniently titled LP to be an interesting album. I like the beats and the melodies and the synth sounds that they use (It sounds like it could be hip-hop at times with an electro flavor). I do like the fact that they changed tempos in some of the songs... makes for an interesting mix.

My only caveat about this album is that when you start to notice the use of autotune and various other filtered vocals, it becomes annoyingly apparent. Ohh, and the album is quite short even though it has ten songs. However, I think their sounds are interesting and different enough that it is worth a listen. And you may like it more than I do.
TOP SONGS: Orange Shirt; Osaka Loop Line; So Insane
3 out of 5

Discovery Website.

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