New Moon Obliterates the Weekend

As expected, Twilight: New Moon took the top spot this weekend. However, as not expected, it's opening weekend took in $140 million (ranking a third place on the all time opening weekend list, behind The Dark Knight's $158.4 million, and Spiderman 3's $151.1 million). It also took in an extra $118 million overseas for about $260 million total.... Ka-Ching!

New Moon also broke some records. One... for the biggest opening day gross with $72.7 million previously bested by The Dark Knight's $67.2 million. And two... for the biggest midnight opening, with $26.3 million which was previously held by Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince ($22.2 million).

In other news, Sandra Bullock's The Blind Side, did much better than expected taking in over $34 million for a second place finish. And Precious, although is out of the top five, raked in over $11 million.

Weekend Estimates:
Twilight: New Moon: $140.7 million ($140.7 million total)
The Blind Side: $34.5 million ($34.5 million total)
2012: $26.5 million ($108.2 million total)
Planet 51: $12.6 million ($12.6 million total)
A Christmas Carol: $12.2 million ($79.8 million)

Preceded by

A few new movies hit theaters this weekend before Thanksgiving, led by one giant movie, called New Moon (from some Twilight saga or something). Also look for Precious to open in wider release this weekend, giving it a good box office push.

Twilight: New Moon
Why it will be a hit: There's an endless supply of teenage girls.
Why it will tank: Got nothing here... It probably already made its money back with presale tickets alone.

The Blind Side
Why it will be a hit: Sandra Bullock in a formulaic feel good movie based on a true story.
Why it will tank: Sandra Bullock in a formulaic feel good movie.

Planet 51
Why it will be a hit: Animation dominated the box-office this year.
Why it might tank: It's not Pixar or Dreamworks, and has stiff competition.

My Predictions:
Twilight: New Moon: $100 million
2012: $30 million
A Christmas Carol: $15 million
The Blind Side: $12 million
Precious: $11 million

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