2012 Devastates The Weekend

The end of the world is near and we all wanted to see what happens as 2012 easily destroyed the competition this weekend with $65 million. If you thought that was a lot, 2012 has also made about $160 million internationally, for a total sum of $225 million. Ka-ching! This should help it make back its rumored $200 million plus budget(wikipedia says $260 million, but who knows).

Meanwhile, the buzz mulling around Precious helped it score a 4th place finish as is opened to only a 174 theaters. And it will open to an even wider release next weekend.

Weekend Estimates:
2012: $65 million ($65 million total)
A Christmas Carol: $22.3 million ($63.3 million total)
The Men Who Stare at Goats: $6.2 million ($23.4 million total)
Precious: $6.1 million ($8.9 million total)
Michael Jackson's This Is It: $5.1 million ($68.2 million total)

One giant movie is set to rumble, shake, destroy and...(insert cliche adjective here) the box office this weekend.

Why it might be a hit: Big-time visual effects on the big screen.
Why it might tank: Plot? Logic? I think the visual effects will massage all that out.

My Predictions:
2012: $48 million
A Christmas Carol: $23 million
Michael Jackson's This is It: $7 million
The Men Who Stare at Goats: $6 million
The Fourth Kind: $5 million

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