Wild Things Weekend

It was no surprise this weekend as Spike Jonze's film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, took the number one spot this weekend. It was somewhat of a surprise, however, as Jamie Foxx's and Gerald Butler's Law Abiding Citizen, came in second with over $20 million.

In other news, the buzz keeps brewing for Paranormal Activity, as it now has cracked the top three with over $20 million while expanding into wider release. Many people are calling Paranormal Activity this year's Blair Witch Project, as it also cost less than thirty grand to make and is raking in a lot of dough.

Weekend Estimates:
Where the Wild Things Are: $32.5 million ($32.5 million total)
Law Abiding Citizen: $21.3 million ($23.1 million total)
Paranormal Activity: $20.2 million ($33.7 million total)
Couples Retreat: $17.9 million ($63.3 million total)
The Stepfather: $12.3 million ($12.3 million total)
A few new movies hit theaters this weekend including a "Wild" one.

Where the Wild Things Are
Why it might be a hit: Beloved children's novel directed by Spike Jonze. Trailer is amazing.
Why it might tank: Adapting a really short story to a feature length film is no easy task. Plus the material might be to bleak and dark for kids.

Law Abiding Citizen
Why it might be a hit: People tend to watch random unexpected movies.
Why it might tank: The trailer doesn't really grab the viewer, and Gerald Butler's last film, Gamer, quickly dissipated at the box office.

The Stepfather
Why it might be a hit: a middle of the road thriller with that guy from Gossip Girl.
Why it might tank: Trailer actually says "Gossip Girl" in it to name the actor.

My Predictions:
Where the Wild Things Are: $45 million
Couples Retreat: $16 million
Paranormal Activity: $12 million
Zombieland: $8 million
Law Abiding Citizen: $7 million

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