Michael Jackson Tops Halloween Weekend

Michael Jackson's This Is It documentary hit the top spot at the movies this weekend. However, there was no doubt that Halloween, falling on a Saturday, had an impact, as it grossed less than industry analysts expected. Despite this fact, the movie so far has grossed over $100 million total worldwide.

Meanwhile, Paranormal Activity still continues its scare factor as it slipped only 20% from last weekend to the number two spot.

Weekend Estimates:
Michael Jackson's This Is It: $21.3 million ($32.5 million total)
Paranormal Activity: $16.5 million ($84.8 million total)
Law Abiding Citizen: $7.3 million ($51.4 million total)
Couples Retreat: $6.1 million ($87 million total)
Saw VI: $5.6 million ($22.8 million total)

There is only one major movie release this Halloween weekend.

Michael Jackson's This Is It
Why it might be a hit: The "King of Pop" has a multitude of fans that spans many generations and only for a 2 week engagement(we'll see how that goes). Reviews also have be quite positive.
Why it might tank: Wasn't originally shot to become a docu-feature.

My Predictions:
Michael Jackson's This is it: $52 million
Paranormal Activity: $17 million
Where the Wild Things Are: $7 million
Saw VI: $6 million
Law Abiding Citizen: $6 million

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