5 Initial Reactions to Avatar Trailer

Well, you've probably all seen the trailer already James Cameron's long anticipated movie, Avatar. If you haven't then click here. Here are my five initial reactions to the most hyped about movie of the year.

1) Weird.
That's not necessarily a good thing as I'm still on the fence about what I just witnessed.

2) Star Wars: Episode 1.
Doesn't it feel James Cameron is moving into George Lucas territory, with all digital characters and state of the art technology taking emphasis over story. Someone even posted that "all it needs is a Jar Jar Binks." Although, I would go that far.

3) Cool Looking Video Game.
I wasn't the only one thinking this, but it does look like a really expensive video game.

4) Because it's made for 3D.
My hope is that this movie is made for, and only for, 3D that's why I have that weird feeling in my stomach. The colors and the characters are vibrant enough that it will probably flood the screen with amazing 3D wizardry.

5) Tron Legacy Trailer still kicks ass. (tron legacy trailer)
With the hype precluding this Avatar trailer, I was on the bandwagon thinking that this would be the best looking trailer ever. Well, hrm.... Yeah. Jury is still out on the movie itself, though.

Avatar Trailer
5 Reasons Avatar will Kick Ass

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