5 Reasons Why James Cameron's Avatar Is Gonna Kick Ass

With James Cameron's largely hyped Avatar about 5 months away from hitting theaters, I've decided to sit down and hype this movie even more. Yes, I've heard this guy is a douche bag, but he makes great movies. So in honor, here are 5 reasons why James Cameron's new movie, Avatar, will kick box office ass.

1) It's Been 12 Years.
Yes, It's been 12 years since James Cameron's last motion picture... A small, indie pic, called Titanic, I think it was called. It's still unbelievable that no movie has come close to it's $1.8 billion snag, in the twelve years since.

2) $300 million Budget.
Well, rumored so far, anyway. He was the first to make a $100 million movie with Terminator 2, the first to make a $200 million movie, with Titanic. Now he is treading the $300 million mark. The only movie that has that title so far is Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Yes, I know that movie was all over the place and Spiderman 3's $258 million budget didn't really constitute a good movie either). However, this is a James Cameron movie, so there.

Update: Yahoo! puts Avatar's budget around $237 million.

3) 3D - Tech.
A good portion of the money on this movie went directly into creating new 3D technology for the film. Supposedly the most advanced and state-of-the-art equipment. Raising the bar on performance capture, that was used in films like Beowulf and The Polar Express. However, this new technology seamlessly blends live action with computerized animation, unlike those movies mentioned, where it is entirely digital. Some people who were lucky enough to view clips from the movie, have found it the most innovative looking movie in years, or maybe ever.

4) Word of Mouth.
There's no trailer out so far (not even a teaser) and the movie is a mere 5 months away from being released. Despite this, the word of mouth has been huge. (Word on the street is that Fox plans to debut a trailer come August 21) Caused me even to blog about it. Many people say this will "change the way films are made." We'll have to just wait and see about that.

UPDATE: Trailer is here!!!!

5) It's a James Cameron Movie.
Come on, this guy did Terminator, Aliens, Terminator 2, The Abyss, True Lies (I liked it), and that ship movie. There will be a slim chance that this will blow.

Avatar Trailer

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