Coachella's Over Now What?

So you've waited all year to attend the biggest music festival in the western United States, and now it has come and gone, and you had an amazing time. Coachella only lasts three days, so the fun can't last forever. Some of you are now broke, paying off you're credit card debt because you purchased those Coachella tickets. And despite it all, you are still thinking what's next? Because you are antsy for more, and sure as hell don't want to wait another year. Coachella actually kicks off the summer music festival season, with its mid-April launch, paving the path for many music festivals around the world and also in Southern California.

So, if you are quite the jet-setter and got the money to do it, you might want to check out other huge music festivals from all over the world. Check out: Best Music Festivals in the World.

Or may you'd like to keep it local. Check Out: Best Music Festivals in Southern California.

Or you could just chill out in the sun and kick it on the beach. Hey, it's all fine. However, you want to spend your summer and rest of the year is fine by me. However, even though Coachella is only once a year, that doesn't mean you can only have fun once a year.

Best Music Festivals in the World
Best Music Festivals in Southern California

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