Hannah Montana Makes Bank over Easter Weekend

All you Miley Cyrus fans came out in droves as Hannah Montana: The Movie unexpectedly took the number one spot this weekend with $34 million. Thus, beating out last week's number one Fast and Furious (which took a 60% drop) and all of critics expectations.

Meanwhile, two other new movies, Seth Rogen's and Anna Faris' Observe and Report came in fourth place with $11.1 million and Dragonball: Evolution debuted at number eight with $4.7 million.

Weekend Estimates:
Hannah Montana: The Movie: $34 million ($34 million total)
Fast and Furious: $28.8 million ($118 million total)
Monsters vs Aliens: $22.6 million ($141 million total)
Observe and Report: $11.1 million ($11.1 million total)
Knowing: $6.7 million ($68 million total)

My Predictions:
Fast and Furious: $33 million
Hannah Montana: The Movie: $24 million
Monsters VS Aliens: $18 million
Observe and Report: $14 million
Dragonball: Evolution: $8 million

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