10 Most Disappointing Movie Trilogies

Have you ever enjoyed a movie and then were so excited they turned it into a franchise, but after watching them, you were sorely disappointed. Sometimes, you wish they just kept it as one movie, or maybe that third film in the series totally ruined something great. Since there are many lists of the best movie trilogies (Including mine) I've decided to make a list of the 10 most disappointing movie trilogies. And here they are:

10) The Godfather Trilogy.
Yes, I know some of you may disagree. But there is no hiding the fact that the first two are classic masterpieces, and the third, well... It's okay, and it does round out the Corleone story, but it is surely not on par with the first two.

9) Shrek Trilogy.
The first Shrek, I enjoyed. And I actually found its sequel to be enjoyable as well. However, in Shrek The Third, the "same formula, same jokes" routine, is getting kind of old. This just makes me wonder if Dreamworks is going to take this acknowledgment for the fourth and fifth films, or is the Shrek franchise going to continue its downhill streak.

8) Ocean's Trilogy.
I thought Ocean's Eleven was great; a cool, slick heist movie with great characters and great plot twists. Probably one of the best films to come out that year. Ocean's Twelve was forgettable. And Ocean's Thirteen? Al Pacino was great, but come on... each sequel they add, gets less and less interesting.

7) Mad Max Trilogy.
The first Mad Max is a classic. The Road Warrior turned out to be an even better classic, setting the example of how post-apocalyptic movies should be. So what can be more astounding by adding a third and final to the trilogy? Well... hold your horses, Beyond Thunderdome didn't exactly turn out to be the film we all wanted; very weird and somewhat random, almost like it is a totally different movie from the rest of the franchise. Ooh man...

6) Beverly Hills Cop Trilogy.
Growing up in the 80's, the Beverly Hills Cop movies were the staples of my movie childhood. Then came the third... Beverly Hills Cop 3. What the hell was that? They couldn't even use the real name of the theme park (Great America), and obviously shot on a few Universal Studios Tour attractions. Oh yeah, the plot was horrendous too.

5) Jurassic Park Trilogy.
Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies ever. So based on that, I was extremely hyped to see The Lost World. However, I was led to be disappointed. Spielberg, no!!! It can't be. Some of the sequences and shots were amazing, but as an entire movie, I was disappointed very much. Subsequently only about 2 percent of the book made it into the movie. As for Jurassic Park 3, yeah... Let's say I don't remember anything from that movie.

4) Spiderman Trilogy.
I thought the first Spiderman was okay. Spiderman 2 was good... even though it has the same storyline as the first movie. With the success of the first two, it looked like the Spiderman franchise was rolling uphill. And the third would be the next logical step upwards, right? Umm.. unfortunately not. Too much antagonists and random plot lines thrown in there just to please the studio. Argghh!

3) Hannibal Lector Trilogy.
Silence of the Lambs is a great movie all around. A standard Oscar classic masterpiece. Hannibal, kind of verges on the line of ridiculous. And Red Dragon... damn it!!! lots of great actors in this movie, but giving them nothing of importance. A shame...

2) The Matrix Trilogy.
The Matrix is a mind blowing film; so cool and unique for its time. Matrix Reloaded runs a bit long and bloated, while computerized Neo looked very computerish. It was cheesy and over the top. So it was forgivable, especially if the third got us back into the grunt of it all, then it would make sense. However, even though Matrix Revolutions has great visual effects, it just turned into another boring and flat, epic war "save the world," type of movie. Turning away from the slick and coolness of the first one.

1) Star Wars Trilogy (Episode 1 to 3)
You probably already knew this was number one before you even looked. So much hype. Damn it George Lucas. From Jar Jar Binks, to the horribly flat dialogue, to not giving Darth Maul enough screen time... We kept hoping the next episode would get even better because the trilogy is getting darker, thus more dept in character and action. But no; Lucas even manages to make Darth Vader look like a sissy in the final chapter... This is stressful.

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