Best Damn Movie Trilogies

Well, here is another list for you: The best movie trilogies of all time. You will notice on this list that some of these aren't movie trilogies anymore as studios decided to add a fourth or a fifth movie sequel. However, I still regard certain movies as a trio, like the original Star Wars vs the new Star Wars.

In the future we may also see possible additions to this list as movies like Toy Story 3 and a third Batman from Christopher Nolan may put it on this list (I consider Tim Burton's Batman and Batman Returns a two part, then Joel Schumacher's version a new start). Anyways, here is the countdown to the number one movie trilogy.

7) Die Hard Trilogy. Yes, there are four now, but I consider the first three to be part of the trilogy, and the fourth, an extra throwback movie. The first Die Hard is the best one, and I enjoyed the third despite it's simple plot devices. As for Die Harder, I have come to like it more, even though I regard this one as the weakest of the three.

6) Bourne Trilogy. The Bourne Trilogy is a pretty good trilogy. Nothing really outstandingly special, just good action and plot devices that keep them moving well. This goes especially true for the third in the series, the Bourne Ultimatum.

5) Evil Dead Trilogy. Hell yeah, Bruce Campbell as Ash... What more can I say? The campy, low budget look of the first movie, opens our eyes to the vision of director Sam Raimi we have all come to love.

4) Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I am not the biggest Lord of the Rings fan, nor do I even have these movies on DVD, but I can agree that each of these movies in the trilogy are very well made, even for its length. Peter Jackson did a great job adapting J.R.R. Tolkien's stories into a visual masterpiece.

3) Back to the Future Trilogy. I grew up with this movie. Although, the sequels aren't as mind blowing as the original, I still can watch them over and over again. Robert Zemeckis and Steven Spielberg make a great team. And when the hell are they gonna get those "hover boards" to finally come true.

2) Star Wars Trilogy. Okay, so there's no surprise here as Star Wars had to appear somewhere on this list. Oddly enough, A New Hope is my least favorite of the trilogy. Now if we can stop George Lucas from adding more scenes and effects to this trilogy (I heard he's gonna re-release them in 3-D).

1) Indiana Jones Trilogy. Okay, I know some of you won't agree with me here because you may think The Temple of Doom wasn't all that great. However, I've enjoyed it ever since I've seen it as a kid. And yes, I think this is the best damn movie trilogy ever made. There is a fourth... I know, that I thought was only alright. However, I am leaving that outside of this trilogy because it was released decades later.

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