DJ Mix Review: Girl Talk - Feed the Animals

If you haven't heard of Girl Talk by now then I guess you must be out of the loop. He is one of those DJs that you have to see more so live as opposed to listening to a cd. As for his newest compilation, Feed the Animals, it is pretty much what you can expect from the maestro. His mashup style is in full effect here. I don't know the number of songs that are in this mix, but there are 14 tracks, each with about 20 or so songs sampled. So you do the math. And that is just a guesstimate. With all those songs you'd think it would be all over the place, and it is. However, it also works. On a side note, I would hate to be the person that has to get the licenses for his compilation.
TOP TUNES: There really is no top tunes, since there are a ba-jillion tunes mashed together.
3 out of 5

Tour Dates
July 25: Capital Hill Block Party: Seatle, WA
July 26: Roseland Theater: Portland, OR
Aug 3: Lollapalooza: Chicago, IL
Aug 8: All Points West Festival: Jersey City, NJ

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Here is a sample of his style:
No Pause - Girl Talk

You can also buy or not buy Feed the Animals. He is doing a Radiohead thing, where you can name your price.
Here is a clip of him making a Mashup. Looks like he just got out of bed...with someone else. Very formal interview, you think?

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