Where the Wild Things Are movie in trouble?

Yes, you heard it here. If you didn't know by now, your beloved children's book Where the Wild Things Are is being made into a movie. However, it was mostly shot in Australia in late 2006, with acclaimed director Spike Jonze attached. So, as you can imagine, it should be heading to theaters soon. The Los Angeles Times is reporting that it was scheduled to come out later this year, then was pushed back to Fall of next year, and recently, it has all dropped off the Warner Bros. line up for 2009. So where is it?
We can't imagine Spike Jonze making a bad movie, but there are rumors about the problems of this film after a test screening: kids came out crying and depressed after the film was over. So this might seem like it would be an awesome film for adults, but this isn't very ideal for Warner Bros. I just hope whatever version I end up seeing, it'll be awesome.

You can read the entire story here.

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