Why Hasn't the Coachella 2013 Line Up Been Released Yet?

Dont ask me. I don't know...

Seriously, it could be a number of reasons, even though over the years the Line Up has been released earlier and earlier in January.  We can already put together an educated guesstimate of a lot of the artists that are playing Coachella due to their touring schedule now being released.

I have the feeling that the Line Up was supposed to be released a week ago, but talks broke down for a certain headliner (or headliners)... and to note, it was recently confirmed (at least through the internet) that the big rumored headliner, The Rolling Stones, aren't gonna play at Coachella.


It could be a major marketing buzz to get everyone overhyped and ready to crash the box office's servers when passes become available.


What does this mean?

Absolutely nothing.
Just hold on to your pants for a bit more... because the anticipation is killing everyone not just you.

Coachella 2013 rumors.

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