Album Review: Martin Solveig - Smash

Martin Solveig - Smash

Style: Dance Pop (That Makes Me Think of Austin Powers for some reason)
Pros: Actually, better than I expected.
Cons: Still, it's hit or miss for me.
Overview: Going into this album all I could think about was that Madonna song he made that was pretty bad.  Then I thought about Big In Japan (another song that I didn't care for)... so I was "like well, I guess I'll give Smash a listen." It's actually a short album, with only 10 songs... and the rest are remixes (Yes, including that awesome Madeon remix of The Night Out).  I said it was better than I expected, and it is... but don't get too carried away with it, because I didn't expect it to be good at all... but songs like Ready 2 Go, The Night Out, the overplayed Hello, and even the off-genre song Get Away From You and Pop-balladish Let's Not Play, make it an alright listen (of course the additions of the remixes helps also).
Top Songs: Ready 2 Go, The Night Out, Hello
3 out of 5 vinyls

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