Album Review: Bloc Party - Four

Bloc Party - Four

Style: Indie Rock that can be played on mainstream radio
Pros: Some good songs
Cons: Took me a while to get into it.
Overview: At first listen, I thought Four was 'meh.' Then I decided to give it a few more listens; my 'meh' turn into a more likeable 'alright'.  I do like Bloc Party's earlier albums, so that's a pretty high standard to live by.  Four does have some good songs that remind me of the reason I like Bloc Party in the first place, but there are also other songs which I just skim over.  So Four, to me, doesn't blow me away like some their previous work, though it is a nice listen.
Tops Songs: V.A.L.I.S., Truth, Octopus
closer to 3.25 of out 5 vinyls

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