Music Video: Cedric Gervais - Molly

Well, apparently Madonna was looking for Molly at Ultra Music Festival and here she is... if you don't know who or what Molly is... then nevermind.

In case my recent post of Madonna's video for Girl Gone Wild was a bit too catered for the non-straight guy, Cedric Gervais' music video for Molly is here to set things, for a lack of a better word... straight (or if you're a girl that likes girls).

*NSFW warning: this video contains sexually explicit material even though it does not technically show nudity..

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Anonymous said...

I'm friends with one of the producers So i know for a fact that there is plenty of nudity in the video- the producers are just smart enough to make it flick by so quickly you don't notice it
-watch it in slow mo and you will see plenty of Molly ;p

as for the drug reference- people have to take this song (and any for that matter) as they will. maybe it is, maybe it isn't about the drug. only Cedric knows. ;p