EDM War: DJ Sneak vs Swedish House Mafia

So, what would electronic music be without it's feuds? Apparently the Twitterverse has been recently heating up over DJ Sneak's comments about the Swedish House Mafia:
It's a sad thing when the Swedish House Mafia is being paid BIG money to come to the US to play house music. For the record, they DO NOT play house music." DJ Sneak
DJ Sneak also made notion of the video of Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello is getting in hot water for - not DJing at his DJing gig:

Steve Angello found out about DJ Sneak's diss and replied:
Sad to see someone like yourself get in to the hater small talks .. if you got a problem pick up the phone or do it in person
DJ Sneak's tweet back:
hating never. Exposing the fake shit you guys portray indeed. I come from the Times real djs actually did it with love.
Anyways, this exchange went on for a while, and Magnetic mag has more info on it. All I know is that I haven't heard of DJ Sneak in a long time and the Swedish House Mafia is everywhere these days. Also, in response to the video above, Angello claims that it was a "30-minute portion of the set that was synced with pyro and effects, something that happens at most massive festivals." So maybe that is true, but isn't that why they have high tech equipment with VJs and pyro-technicians timing it live to the beat? Though, I'm just assuming.

Anyways, what do you think about this?
Apparently, a lot of people are pissed.

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