Electric Daisy Carnival 2011 Generates over $136 Million

According to Insomniac's own research, the 2011 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas generated over $136 million.
“Through our research we found that both local residents and visitors from other states and countries, spent a significant amount of money in connection with EDC 2011,” said Beacon Economics founding Partner Christopher Thornberg. “We estimated the overall economic impact to be over $136 million. Local attendees were responsible for approximately $5 million of the economic impact, non-local attendees were responsible or $109 million and Insomniac was responsible for $23 million.”
And to think, Electric Daisy Carnival used to be held in Los Angeles. I bet Los Angeles city officials are kicking themselves in the head for forcing them out. Whatever, the case, Las Vegas must be very excited to be holding this event.

Read more of the Insomniac article here.

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