Album Review: Penguin Prison

Penguin Prison

Style: Indie Dance Rock Pop
Pros: Fun
Cons: n/a
Overview: I first came across a Penguin Prison song on KCRW and thought that might be a band that I might like... and sure enough, after getting the album... I did like. They are part of the Synth Indie Dance Rock movement... My first comparison that popped into my head was VHS or Beta. So if you like them, then you might like Penguin Prison. Anyways, Penguin Prison's self-titled album is a good listen, much better than I expected. Definitely check them out... I can't even find a Wikipedia page about them yet... here's hoping they get a bit more well known.
Top Songs: They're all good.
3.5 out of 5

Penguin Prison Website

Purchase: Penguin Prison [Explicit] [+Digital Booklet]

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