Album Review: David Guetta - Nothing But the Beat

David Guetta - Nothing But the Beat

So I decided to split this into two reviews, since Disc 1 and Disc 2 are totally different (Disc 2 is the deluxe 10 song version only available on Beatport).

Disc 1: Pop dance, I guess just Pop now.
Disc 2: Techno, French Techno, banging house.
Disc 1: n/a
Disc 2: it's not Disc 1
Disc 1: F*ckin Autotune up the ass. Cheesy terrible Pop Music.
Disc 2: Should have left the song Lunar for Disc 2 only.

Disc 1: Yes, like I said above, there is so much Autotune happening on this disc. Every guest Pop star in the world is on this album and most of them are Autotuned. Doesn't help that most of the songs song like sold-out cheesy Pop Dance songs. Although, I must admit this is smart of David Guetta, as he will keep raking in the dough, while keeping his name in the public.

Disc 2: Of course if you release something as selling-out as the first Disc, you must release something the more underground club kids will like... the people who knew who you were before the Black Eyed Peas. Disc 2 is much more manageable and there are no special guest vocals, no vocals at all. It compromises of some banging French Techno, sounding something coming out of a Daft Punk spaceship, some Trance, and there's also a little Dubstep Breakbeat in the mix, what? Yes, it's actually pretty good. So say what you must about his Pop side, I guess he just wants a bigger paycheck... David Guetta can still deliver a decent underground album.
Top Songs:
Disc 1: Where Them Girls At; Lunar; Titanium
Disc 2: The Alphabeat, Sunshine; Toy Story

Disc 1 2 out of 5 vinyls

Disc 2 3.5 out of 5 vinyls

David Guetta Website

David Guetta - Nothing But The Beat 2.0 Album Review

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@Dawild123 said...

I just can't believe what I just read...David Guetta makes Techno now?? wtf, you should REALLY listen to techno before writing such stupid statements...And for your personal knowledge, there's no such thing as "french techno"...
Oh and the funniest shit ever, Guetta makes music for the "underground club music kids", dude come on... quit reviews for a time and learn your EDM classics cause what you just said is unbelievably stupid.