Album Review: Katy B - On A Mission

Katy B - On A Mission

Style: UK Garage, Dubstep, R&B
Pros: Take Dubstep add a melody and female vocals.
Cons: Not much.
Overview: Okay, so I first heard Katy B when collaborating with Magnetic Man, then found out that she was coming out with her own album. However, I skeptical since most collaborative vocalists make not-so-interesting artist albums on their own. With that said, after hearing On A Mission I found it better than I expected, especially when you have the best in the Dubstep world producing some of the songs. Speaking of... the song Perfect Stranger already exists on both On A Mission and Magnetic Man's self-titled album, but it's a really good song so I didn't mind listening to it again. And much of the tone of this album fits in the realm of Perfect Stranger... so it doesn't stray into the mediocre Pop world. On A Mission is definitely one of the better albums I've heard this year.
Top Songs: Katy On A Mission; Easy Please Me; Perfect Stranger
4 out 5

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Brittany said...

Katy B's sound is its own kind of electro-pop/dubstep, which I love. "Easy Please Me" and "Perfect Stranger," are probably my two fave. tracks on her new album. If you're interested in hearing the rest for free and finding your favorite, check it: http://music.aol.com/new-releases-full-cds/#/1